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This is the home page for Jean-Paul Crocombette.

I am a Research Director at French CEA in Saclay, in the Service de Recherches de Métallurgie Physique (SRMP, Physical Mettalurgy Lab.) of the Direction de l'Energie Nucléaire (Nuclear Energy Division). Since 2016 I am also associate editor of Journal of Nuclear Materials.

I graduated from Ecole polytechnique. After a DEA (matser) in Solid State Physics (1992), I made a PhD (1995) in Service de Recherches sur les Surfaces et l'Irradiation de la Matière of CEA-Saclay. I have been working in SRMP since then. See my CV for details.



I work on point defects and irradiation damage in insulators and more specially in oxides and carbides. I use numerical simulations at the atomic scale : empirical potential molecular dynamics, ab initio electronic structure.

For a detailed presentation of my works see the list of my publications. (external link on researcherID).


Selected Publications

Multi-scale simulation of the experimental response of ion-irradiated zirconium carbide: Role of interstitial clustering

Acta Materialia, Volume 102, 1 January 2016, Pages 79-87

Stéphanie Pellegrino, Jean-Paul Crocombette, Aurélien Debelle, Thomas Jourdan, Patrick Trocellier, Lionel Thomé


Influence of charge states on energies of point defects and clusters in uranium dioxide

Jean-Paul Crocombette

Phys. Rev. B 85, 144101 (2012)


 Thermal conductivity degradation induced by point defects in irradiated silicon carbide

Jean-Paul Crocombette and Laurent Proville

Applied Physics Letters 98 (2011), 191905


Atomistic simulation of amorphization thermo-kinetics in lanthanum pyrozirconate

        Jean-Paul Crocombette, Alain Chartier and William J. Weber

        Applied Physics Letters 88, 051912 (2006)


Molecular dynamics modeling of irradiation damage in pure and uranium doped zircon

J.-P. Crocombette, D. Ghaleb

Journal of Nuclear Materials 295, 167 (2001)



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